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We bring together everything that is required to help organizations
to solve their problems for today and transform them to stay
relevant with the changing demands of the marketplace.

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What can you do with Hapeiron?

Hapeiron is a collection of applications that help organizations manage their activities from one place.
Our aim is to combine apps that will help you manage your resources and elevate your day-to-day operations.


Resources management, meet Spaces

In Hapeiron you can organize your people and files in spaces. Control the
contact list of your people and their access on files.
A Space can be anything. From your organization's chart to a division,
a function, a project, a group of people etc.

  • Create unlimited Spaces
  • Organize your people
  • Organize company files
  • Secure file allocation to the right people
  • People have access to the right contacts


Bring your business ecosystem at one place

In Hapeiron you can bring your network of organizations at one place. Invite your partners, suppliers, customers
and anyone that your need, assign them permissions, create events and share files with them.

  • Universal search
  • Assign tag permissions
  • Secure OTP registration
  • Organize people per activity, project, hierarchy
  • Invite multiple contacts directly from your
    Microsoft excel spreadsheet
  • Personal contact list for each user


Safely organize and access your files

Use your private repository safely, to upload, store and access your files. A dedicated digital library that offers both organization's wide access to files and documents and dedicated function or space-based private folders.

  • Upload and organize your files into folders
  • Dedicated organization file repository
  • Secure file allocation to the right people
  • Create your personal favorites file repository
  • Universal search


Manage your events from one place

Schedule your events and assign your people easily. We offer a variety of events that organization's use today, such as meetings,
trainings, tests and live-stream conferences.

  • Up to 250 attendees
  • File sharing
  • Screen sharing
  • In-meeting chat
  • Guest invitation
  • Up to 250 attendees
  • Flexible structure
  • Video conferencing
  • Video presentations
  • Training progress
  • Graded tests / Practice tests
  • Up to 5000 viewers
  • Flexible structure
  • Manage conference speakers
  • Manage conference partners
  • Public subdomain
  • Polls / Q&As (coming soon)
  • Graded tests
  • Practice tests
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Essay type questions
  • Automatic evaluation

Plan and follow your events

Use our dynamic calendar application to schedule events, or review your already scheduled ones. Automated emailing will also keep your people updated on the status of any event delivery (schedule, reschedule or cancel) while sending reminders before any event to its dedicated audience.

Why Hapeiron

A technology first-approach to business

Flexibility & Efficiency

Hapeiron offers the proper framework of activities and tools that allow any business to replicate and run activities as wanted. Select between a variety of apps to match your needs.

Deployability & Scalability

No matter the size of the organization, onboarding is instant. In addition, plan updates is a matter of seconds under the Hapeiron infrastructure.


We apply a set of different measures to enhance security for our clients. Dedicated private servers and role based management foster an enhanced private environment of operation.


Achieve more than 40% in annual savings compared to other solutions (indirect mainly). Have your organization benefit from a higher ROI and a better value for money proposition for its activities.

Not sure how Hapeiron will match your needs?

Contact us and we will help you figure it out

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